Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Great Products for the IC Gal

Hi all. My hubs is still sick, so my blog is not being maintained as much as usual, but I have not forgotten about the blog or my mission to spread IC awareness. I am actually in a huge flare today so I have lots of IC on the brain. The hubs has made some progress, but prayers are still appreciated as he has a road ahead.

So let's get down to IC business. Since my last post was very serious and depressing, I figured I would make this one a little more light. I wanted to talk about some awesome products that may be beneficial to you if you have IC or any sort of bladder/pelvic pain. All of these products I enjoy using from experience, I am not being paid by any of these companies or brands. 

A Cushion

If you suffer from pelvic pain, having a cushion is just as important as it is for a healthy person to have a pair of shoes, it's basically a necessity. There are two cushions that I use. I have the cushion advertised on the I.C. Network website. This cushion is ideal for me because it has a great shape which is beneficial to the perineum area and also helps with the bladder pressure that comes with sitting. A typical doughnut cushion that you see in a drug store does not work for me.  This is the cushion I drive on. I have trouble driving without it, it's my partner in crime.

The other "cushion" I own is the Total Pillow. Although this is technically a neck pillow, I find it convenient to sit on in restaurants. Since it has the hole in the middle I can just slide it on my arm to carry it in and kind of hide it behind my purse so that it is no big deal. I own it in the blue color instead of the brown color as I find it more fashionable that way. This product is only $19.99 making it budget friendly.

Panty Liners

Leaking is uncomfortable, gross, annoying and unfortunately a part of IC for many people, myself included. I am not sure why I am admitting to this so publicly. I think I have been realizing lately this is one of the aspects of IC that a lot of people suffer from but a lot of people are embarrassed to talk about. 

Now if you talk to your doctor about leaking urine, he or she may suggest adult diapers or another whacky idea. That is real easy for the doctor to say because he or she is not the one who has to deal with it. I don't know about you, but at 28 wearing adult diapers does not sound like a fun idea to me. 

Now some of you may be able to wear typical store bought panty liners sold near period pads. This is the most affordable and practical way to deal with leaking if you can handle wearing this type of panty liner. Unfortunately for me, my Vulvodynia is so severe I can not, the pain and irritation is just too much. So after a lot of failed ideas an IC friend of mine found me the perfect product:GladRags. These panty liners are made of soft cotton, so your Vulvodynia will not be a problem. They are rather costly (the only drawback) but they are reusable and washable, just put them in the washing machine as you would with your panties. The liners come in awesome colors and designs such as zebra and peace signs. Goodbye granny products, hello fashion and comfort.

Ice and Heat 

Due to the nature of our pain, us IC gals sometimes need to apply ice and heat to places others would never dream of. Many ice packs are hard and inconveniently shaped. I have owned a paradice pack for 2 years now and it is my favorite thing ever. These reusable packs are soft and mold-able because they have fluid balls inside. Use this brand of ice pack to apply the cold to the exact part of the body that is hurting you no matter how small or oddly shaped that part of the body may be. You can get a pretty good sized pack for around $20.

Have you ever had stomach pain, bladder pain or pelvic floor spasms so bad that you just don't want to leave the house? On those days you must go out due to obligations, don't leave home without a BodiHeat disposable pack. These packs can stick to the inside of your clothes or the outside of your panties. There is no need to warm up these packs. Just crinkle the pack a little, stick it on and you are ready to go. Get through meetings, events and parties without being in tons of pain due to the heat this product provides. These little items have saved me more times than I can remember. 

Let's face it, having IC sucks. But having some extra special products can help us to lead more comfortable and active lives. Happy shopping. Wishing everyone a flare free week. 


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