Sunday, October 2, 2011

Fall Fashion Tips for the IC Gal

Hello all...I am BACK from my honeymoon (only 2 mini flares the whole time...woo!). I think the lack of stress while on vacation helped. So I am back and back in time just for fall weather. A lot of your friends may be posting status updates on Facebook such as "Yay, jeans and hoodie season". Jeans are great for many people, but for a lot of IC gals jeans are the most hellish item on earth to wear. If you can't wear jeans it doesn't mean that you can't look cute and get excited about fall clothes. As a person who has not worn jeans in over 3 years, I am here to offer you some of my own tips and tricks. Please feel free to add comments about other ideas that work for you.

Fashion Dos For the IC Gal 


Invest in multiple pairs of leggings. Leggings can be an IC gals best pal. The stretchy waist and seamless crotch area make them very comfortable.

Fall in love with tunics. Tunics can hide IC belly, med related weight gain and are also very stylish. You can buy casual tunics to run errands in or jeweled ones for a night out on the town.

Learn that matchy tracksuits are your friend. Tracksuits can make you look pulled together while still feeling comfortable. Don't be discouraged about not being able to afford "Juicy Suits" or other expensive brands. Tons of affordable tracksuits exist at stores such as Old Navy, Target and Burlington Coat Factory.

Buy cotton/spandex blend yoga pants in black. These pants can be pulled off as dress pants in business casual situations. Just pair them with a button down or sweater and pumps and you will be good to go. You will no longer have to worry about the painful crotch seam on "real" dress pants.

Get excited about handbags, ankle boots, jewelery and other fun accessories. IC may limit the kind of pants you can wear, but the illness can not stop you from accessorizing to the max.

Embrace dresses. Dresses are a great way to feel pretty while still letting your vajayjay breathe.

Fashion Don'ts for the IC Gal


Wear any item of clothing that hurts you just to be trendy. Your health comes first not what is being advertized on the cover of any magazine.

Live in pajamas ALL of the time. Sure, pajamas are awesome for the IC gal ( I LOVE LOVE LOVE pajamas) but being in pajamas 100% of the time can lead to more depression for some people, especially in the fall and winter. Even if just once or twice a week, put on something else...even just a tracksuit, a little makeup and some jewelery so you can feel extra sexy and fun.

Allow anyone to force jeans upon you. You may have friends or co-workers who harp on you for never wearing jeans. It is none of their business. Next time someone bothers you, just say "jeans are not my thing" and move on.

Get discouraged if your shopping budget is small. Start by shopping in your own closet. So many older pieces mixed with newer pieces are coming back in style. There may be tons of hidden treasures in your own closet. You can also find great deals at discount outlets and gently used designer clothing places such as Plato's Closet.

Forget to shop online. Websites such as have awesome deals. 

Hope you enjoyed these tips. As an added bonus, check out my first in a series of IC awareness videos. This one features an animated young woman defending her condition to an uneducated college classmate:

I.C. Awareness: Are you that girl with that random disease?
by: thevalcat


The Valcat said...

testing...having a problem with a lot of features today.

Chrissy said...

AWESOME! Love the "Cancun" line. "I felt all better with cranberry juice." Curse you, cranberry juice! Great movie. I look forward to watching more!

The Valcat said...

Thanks so much!! Good to "meet" you.

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